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Skilled Guidance On State Tax Issues In Pennsylvania

Dealing with the IRS is only half the battle. For Pennsylvanians, and Pennsylvania businesses, taking care of taxes also involves complying with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue — and resolving any disputes that arise.

John A. Cochran, Esquire is a Pennsylvania attorney who focuses his practice on tax issues. You can rely on his extensive experience in tax law and accounting to guide you skillfully in finding solutions to the issues you face.

Give our law office a call at 724-216-5180 or send an email to arrange a confidential consultation. From our office in Greensburg, we help clients from throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Creating Tax Strategies That Meet Your Goals

For both individuals and businesses, it makes sense to avoid problems as much as possible through proactive planning. We offer strategic counsel on all aspects of this, including:

  • Complying with complicated regulations, in order to avoid tax penalties
  • Minimizing taxes through effective use of deductions, credits and other tools
  • Preparing timely and accurate tax returns for state and federal taxes

Do You Need To Resolve A Dispute With The Pennsylvania Department Of Revenue?

Even with the best tax planning, issues can arise with the IRS or the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Tax authorities may assert, for example, that you underreported income or failed to file and pay business taxes.

As experienced tax lawyers, we can help you resolve tax controversies and disputes of all types. This starts with informing you about the options available, such as seeking an offer in compromise (OIC) or entering into an installment agreement (IA).

The key is to stay positive and find the solution that makes the most sense for your specific situation.

Get The Tax Help You Need

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