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Tax Compliance

As a law office in Pittsburgh and Greensburg we will work to minimize taxes while helping you comply with federal and state tax laws. Attorney John A. Cochran, Esquire will also provide tax advice concerning the timing of transactions, revenue recognition and other matters affecting taxes.

Tax Disputes

The firm represents people facing tax audits, negotiates Offers in Compromise and resolves tax problems. In your case, our goal will be to achieve a satisfactory outcome without incurring additional tax liabilities. 

Estate Planning and Probate

Our firm will draft estate documents, last will and testament, living wills, power of attorney (POA), create an estate plan, and assist in business succession planning. We also provide cost-effective and efficient probate administration services. 

Trust Creation and Administration

We provide analysis and the creation of trust for individuals as part of a comprehensive estate plan. We can also assist with all aspects of trust administration.

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Experienced Help With Estate Planning And Tax Matters

When you are facing a serious legal problem, you need results, not continuing uncertainty regarding the outcome.

John A. Cochran is an experienced lawyer and licensed C.P.A. in resolving serious and complex legal and tax issues. Attorney Cochran works diligently to achieve positive results in matters involving taxes, estate law and other matters. John A. Cochran’s goal in every case is to achieve the best possible outcome in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.


Proactive Measures To Minimize Taxes

A considerable portion of the practice is devoted to helping clients minimize the taxes they pay while enabling them to comply with federal and state tax laws.

John A. Cochran, ESQ. provides efficient tax return preparation services for businesses of all sizes and individuals. John A. Cochran provides advice concerning tax timing issues, and existing or pending transactions. His many years of experience and thorough knowledge of the tax laws enable him to address the most complex tax matters. Whether you are a business owner, corporate executive, professional, or individual, the law firm can assist you efficiently and professionally.


Resolution Of Tax Disputes

John A. Cochran’s law firm provides results-oriented representation in tax controversies involving income, payroll and sales taxes. His goal in such cases is always to resolve the matter in the most advantageous way for his clients. Attorney Cochran can negotiate an Offer in Compromise or payment plan, appeal an adverse tax decision or, if necessary, represent you in tax court.


Have You Received A Tax Audit Notice?

For a taxpayer, a tax audit can generate great anxiety. At this critical time, you need help from a seasoned tax attorney who has years of experience in resolving tax issues. John A. Cochran can review your situation, develop an appropriate tax audit strategy and represent you during the audit. Mr. Cochran will seek to resolve all issues and avoid additional tax liabilities


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Dealing with tax or estate planning matters can seem overwhelming… RELAX. We’ll work together to help break each step down into understandable elements and resolve your issues in a cost-effective manner. Whether you’re in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, or Allegheny County contact my office at 724-216-5180.

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Our Law Firm Specializes In:


Collections of Tax Debt

If you have missed paying federal income tax or have been delinquent in some amount of income tax, you will likely receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notifying you of that delinquency and the compound interest that accrues daily and any other penalties that apply.


Estate Planing and Probate

Providing for your family takes hard work. It also requires planning for unexpected events. Various estate instruments such as a will, power of attorney and trusts can protect your assets and help you provide for your loved ones.





Business Succession Planning

An important part of any strategic business planning is succession planning. Many owners approaching retirement age begin to consider whom they want to pass the ownership of their business and how to do that.


Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney

Advance directives or powers of attorney are important parts of any comprehensive estate plan. They permit you to provide instructions to members of your family, your caregivers and your doctors as to your wishes for your care, and they also offer the legal authority for someone to make financial decisions for you and your business.


Will Preparation

A will is one of the basic elements of any estate plan. A valid will provides evidence of an individual’s wishes regarding the distribution of their assets after their death. It typically also instructs the executor or personal representative to pay their debts and taxes. If the testator has minor children, it can be used to name a guardian for those children.


Trust Creation and Administration

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Estate Tax

The estate tax is often misunderstood. When a person dies, the estate potentially can face both federal and state estate tax. This is in addition to any income tax the decedent taxpayer owed and if their estate generates income during the time of probate, say from rental or interest income.


IRS Tax Audits

Getting a notice about an IRS tax audit doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong. But you have to respond effectively to get beyond the hassle and avoid bigger problems. Remember, an audit notice doesn’t always imply there is an issue with your taxes. The IRS may only be looking for more information about certain aspects of your return.


Pennsylvania State Taxes

Dealing with the IRS is only half the battle. For Pennsylvanians, and Pennsylvania businesses, taking care of taxes also involves complying with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue — and resolving any disputes that arise.


Tax Compliance

Informed tax planning advice can help you comply with complex federal and Pennsylvania tax laws. It can also serve to minimize the taxes you pay.


Tax Disputes

A tax dispute with the IRS or Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) can become an interminable nightmare, resulting in loss of sleep and untold anxiety. If you lose your case, you may end up owing the tax authorities hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. In the worst case scenario, you may even face possible criminal tax fraud charges. Now is the time to obtain counsel from an experienced tax lawyer.


Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a serious charge. If you have been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service with a question suggestive of allegations of tax evasion or fraud, you need to take them seriously and contact an attorney. In most cases, the mistake is due to negligence by the taxpayer and not willful tax evasion, but no one wants to face a charge from the IRS’s criminal division, Criminal Investigation (CI).