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IRS Tax Audits

Getting a notice about an IRS tax audit doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong. But you have to respond effectively to get beyond the hassle and avoid bigger problems.

John A. Cochran, Esquire is an experienced tax attorney who has helped many clients resolve audit issues. We invite you to contact us at 724-216-5180 to talk about your particular circumstances. From our office in Greensburg, we help clients throughout the Pittsburgh area.

What Type Of Audit Is The IRS Conducting?

Remember, an audit notice doesn’t always imply there is an issue with your taxes. The IRS may only be looking for more information about certain aspects of your return.

It’s important to be clear, however, what type of audit the IRS is conducting. There are two main types:

  • In-person audit
  • Audit by mail (correspondence audit)

Many audits these days are done by mail. The written notice you receive should specify which documents, relating to matters such as income, expenses or deductions, the IRS wants you to provide.

Regardless of which type of audit the IRS has proposed, it makes sense to talk with an experienced tax lawyer about how to respond and resolve any disputes.

Protecting Your Interests During An Audit

Even if the audit is an audit by mail, not face-to-face, it’s important to protect your interests. For example, let’s say the IRS asks for more time to review documents on your back taxes. If you agree too readily in a situation like this, you could end up allowing the IRS to extend the usual limitation period on how far back they can go to audit your taxes.

In cases of suspected tax fraud evasion, tax audits can also lead to investigation for possible criminal charges.

As experienced tax attorneys, we can protect your interests throughout the audit and guide you to resolution that makes sense for your situation. This includes handling any related state tax issues as well.

Taking Action

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