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The consequences of filing taxes late

Although Pennsylvania residents know that tax season rolls around each April, they may not always be ready to file their taxes as the deadline approaches. Some people may think it will not matter if they file their taxes after the deadline. However, there can be serious consequences for people who file late.

When is an offer in compromise a good idea?

Even if you are not caught up on your Pennsylvania taxes or other bills, it could be advantageous to work with the Internal Revenue Service to manage your federal tax liabilities. One way you might be able to do this is to submit an application for a formal offer in compromise. However, like any dealings you might have with the IRS, it is often important to consider the details of your case over more general guidelines. 

When the IRS comes knocking at your door

If you are like most Pennsylvania citizens, you probably do everything possible to keep up with your tax obligations. However, mistakes are often inevitable when a system as complex as federal tax law is involved. Our practice here at John A. Cochran, Esquire, has even turned up instances of the IRS getting confused by the very rules it works with every day.

What should you know about the IRS during tax season?

When tax season rolls around, Pennsylvanians just like you are worrying about the possibility of debt due to tax delinquency or other tax-related problems. John A. Cochran, Esquire, is here to help if you find yourself buried under debt because of missed taxes or other tax-related mistakes and issues.


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