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Are you unknowingly committing tax fraud?

Like many people across Pennsylvania, you may find filing your taxes endlessly complicated, and you may, at times, make guesses or estimations during the process. In some cases, however, “fudging the numbers” or estimating when filing your taxes can land you in serious hot water, because in certain instances, your actions may prove criminal in nature.

The importance of an Advanced Healthcare Directive

Planning for your future healthcare needs might be a hard thing to think about, but it’s is an important part of caring for yourself and your family. An advanced healthcare directive-–including a living will and a durable power of attorney–-should be a part of your estate plan to specify your wishes.

Wills, trusts and more for millennials

If you are one of the many millennials in Pennsylvania, the thought of creating a will, a trust or any other type of estate planning document seems like something far off in the distant future. In fact, you likely think about it only in terms of something your parents or grandparents should be doing. This could not be further from the truth. Certainly, your parents and grandparents can benefit from these things but so can you.


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