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What are the consequences of failing to pay payroll taxes?

When you get your paycheck in Pennsylvania, you will note that money has been taken from it to pay taxes. This is a legal requirement. Your employer must take these taxes from your pay unless you are an independent contractor. If your employer fails to take payroll taxes, it can cause trouble for your employer and you.

Understanding the probate process

When a friend or loved one passes away, it is often difficult to deal with the aftermath involving property and assets. It can be difficult to make critical decisions when dealing with the emotional despair of losing someone. The deceased may have left behind an estate filled with possessions, property and assets he or she wanted to distribute to heirs after passing. In some cases, a will may have been left behind. However, there are other situations where a person may have died without creating a last will and testament. Either way, the case may enter the probate process to help in finalizing the estate.

What is a testamentary trust?

There are many options you will have as you plan your estate in Pennsylvania. One of those options in a testamentary trust, which is a trust that is set up within your will, according to Yahoo! Finance. It is laid out and specified within the will. When you pass away, the assets indicated as part of the trust will go into the trust.


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