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Common estate administration errors and how to avoid them

If you live in Pennsylvania and another Pennsylvania resident named you the executor over his or her estate, you face unique responsibilities that you must take care of within a timely, efficient manner. Serving as someone’s executor can require that you perform any number of duties, among them publicizing the estate, paying off any debts and seeing to it that beneficiaries receive their allocations. The process can prove complicated, however, and many first-time executors make similar errors. John A. Cochran recognizes the many areas in which executors commonly make mistakes, and he has helped many clients in similar situations work their way through the process.

You owe the IRS: Now what?

Few things are as terrifying as receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service alleging that you owe back and/or additional federal income taxes. If one of these notices arrives in your Pennsylvania mailbox, however, the first thing to remember is not to panic. You have options and you also have the right to due process.


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